By Karl-Johan Sjögren, the Content Studio development team

Content Studio shell extension 2.0 is an addon for developers and editors working with Content Studio. It integrates with Windows Explorer and allows you to copy and paste files directly to or from any Content Studio site that you have access to. Content Studio Shell Extension 2.0 consists of two parts, the shell extension and the clipboard watcher application, which both are described further below.

Currently the Shell Extension part is only available on 32-bit systems. If run on a Windows Vista x64 (or other x64 system) it simply won't be displayed in the context menus.

The shell extension

The shell extension puts a new option in the context menu that appears when you right-click on a file or folder in Windows. It introduces three new options depending on the context. For files, it allows for copying files (plain binary or forcing it as text) and for folders it let you paste any files currently in clipboard. All commands are grouped under a menu called Content Studio as shown below.

Copying a file using Content Studio Shell Extension 2.0 Pasting a file using Content Studio Shell Extension 2.0

The clipboard watcher

The clipboard watcher application is a small program hiding in the systemtray monitoring the clipboard for files copied from Content Studio. It stays hidden until there is at least one Content Studio file in the clipboard and when that occurs it reveals itself and displays a balloontip telling the number of files found.

When there are files in the clipboard and the Content Studio icon is shown in the systemtray it allows for some simple manipulation of the clipboard data. You can remove or rename files currently in the clipboard or save the whole datablock as a .cscd-package. For more information about .cscd-files, see next topic.

Content Studio Shell Extension 2.0 Clipboard watcher Content Studio Shell Extension 2.0 Clipboard watcher functions

Content Studio Copy Data

The clipboard watcher introduces a new filetype on your system as well as it monitors the clipboard for xml. The new file type has the extension .cscd which stands for Content Studio Copy Data and is basically an .xml-file with content studio data in it. This type of file could ethier be created manually or by selecting "Save package" from the clipboard watcher menu. Opening a .cscd file will copy the contents of the file into the clipboard (and start the clipboard watcher if it is not already running).

CSCD file from Content Studio Shell Extension 2.0