Includes one or more published documents specified in a comma-delimited list into the hosting document.

Component properties
Category AS Document
Version 1.0
Complies with Xhtml 1.0 / 1.1 rules Yes
Supported server programming languages C# Visual Basic.NET
Output content type Unspecified or not applicable

When to use

This component is typically used when you have list of Content Studio documents that you would like to include on a page. 

Programming interface


Source category
A category where the documents to insert are located.
Document id list
A list of one or more document identifiers separated by a comma (ex. 1001, 1002, 1003).
Presentation template
Specifies an optional presentation template to use to present the documents. If no presentation template is specified (zero) and the category contains EPT documents the default presentation template is used. This parameter is ignored unless the category contains EPT documents.
Check callers access on each document
Indicates whether an access check for the BROWSE permission should be done on each found document or not. By default an access check is made for the category so this option is relevant only when some of the document has an individual permission set. Set this parameter to false for better performance.
Presentation options
Documents on new line
Determines whether each listed documents shold be on its own single line or not. If checked a <BR> element will be inserted between each inserted document.
Sort order
Indicates in which order the documents will be inserted.
Max number of documents
Specifies the maximum number of documents that will be listed. The value 0 will list all available documents.
No documents found text
Specifies the text to display if no documents were inserted.


All documents specified or their presentation templates should be without meta data.