Writes a date time value from an EPT field or the current date into the document. There is a number of different Swedish standard formats available and an additional possibility to specify a custom format.

Component properties
Category AS EPT
Version 1.0
Complies with Xhtml 1.0 / 1.1 rules Yes
Supported server programming languages C# Visual Basic.NET
Output content type inline

When to use

This component is typically used when there is a need to display an EPT date/time field value in an EPT presentation template. 

Programming interface


Sets or gets a value that contains a field that contains a date/time value. If this parameter is not specified the current date/time is used. If the value is specified and the field either does not exists or does not contain any date/time value the component does nothing.
Predefined date formats
  • yyyy-MM-li (2001-03-01)
  • yyyy-MM-li HH:mm (2001-03-01 12:31)
  • d MMMM yyyy (1 mars 2001)
  • Day den d MMMM yyyy (Måndagen den 1 mars 2001)
Create a custom date format
Custom format
Date format string
A custom date/time format to use. This format should comply with the .NET DateTimeFormatInfo class specification. Ex. system aware formats like "D" (long date) "d" (short date) "G" (General long date/time) "g" (general short date/time) and exact formats like "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" which is the standard Swedish date/time format.