Inserts a document by the MLC Language of the hosting document. The component does an MLC lookup on the inserted document and inserts the one of its siblings that uses the same language as the host document. If no sibling could be found the selected document is inserted rather than a sibling. The hosting document and the inserted document must be MLC members or must be located in an MLC member category. If desired you can allow the hosting (or root) document to be a non MLC member, in this case the selected document is inserted. (The hosting document is the document that uses this component.)

Component properties
Category AS MLC
Version 1.0
Complies with Xhtml 1.0 / 1.1 rules Yes
Supported server programming languages C# Visual Basic.NET
Output content type inline

When to use

This component is typically used on a multi language Web site using MLC and there is a need to include the localized version of an MLC:ed document.

Programming interface


Document to insert
ID for the document you want to insert. This document must be an MLC member or located in a category that is an MLC member.
Presentation template
Optional, ID of the presentation template to use when formatting the document to be inserted.
Lookup on presentation template
Check this to do an MLC lookup on the presentation template. If you set this parameter the presentation template must be an MLC member or located in an MLC member category.
Use root document
Set this to use the language of primary root of the host document. If not set the host document's language is used. This makes difference only if you have nested levels of inserted documents.
Allow non MLC parent
Set this parameter to true in order to allow the host document or its root to be a non MLC member. If you need to set this parameter you should use the regular Insert Document component instead.


This component requires the MLC (Multi language clustering) functionality in Content Studio.