Displays various information about a document that is a part of an indexed hierarchy.

Component properties
Category AS Menu
Version 1.0
Complies with Xhtml 1.0 / 1.1 rules Yes
Supported server programming languages C# Visual Basic.NET
Output content type inline

In its simplest form the component looks like this when insterted in a document and combined with the Tree navigator component.

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Tree info and Tree navigator in action

When to use

This component is typically used when there is a need to display information about the current document that is a member of an indexed document hierarchy. This component is often used together with the Tree navigator component.

Programming interface


Check only if this component is used in a document that is included in another document. This will cause the component to use the document that this document is included in rather than the current document.
The string to insert. This can be plain text of your choice combined with one of the following case-sensitive constants:
$pageno$ - The ordinal (page) number of the document within the hierarchy (root document is excluded).
$total$ - The total number of documents in the hierarchy not including the root.
$label$ - The level information not including the root document ex. 2.2.8
$name$ - The name of the document
$position$ - The position of this document relative its siblings.