Inserts a script block.
There are serious security issues with this component; see the remarks section for details.

Component properties
Category AS Miscellaneous
Version 1.2
Complies with Xhtml 1.0 / 1.1 rules Yes
Supported server programming languages Unspecified or not applicable
Output content type Unspecified or not applicable

When to use

This component is typically used by developers when there is a need to include a code block on the page.

Programming interface


This component has no parameters.


Whenever you need to write inline programming code on a page you should include it with this component. This ensures that the Webbitor will be able to parse the HTML code correctly.

Security warning:

This component bypasses the built in restriction policy that prevents trusted users from writing code that can execute on the server side. For this reason you should not make this component available to user that has not the right to write programming code (see the WriteActiveContent global right for more information).

Never include this component in a document that is ment to be edited by regular users - this will force you to give them access to this component. To protect this component from illegitimate use, restrict permission on the component itself to developers only.