Author: Eriksson Joakim, Teknikhuset AB.

Published: 2004-02-17

Applies to: Content Studio ver. 3.5 + running on Windows Server 2003

Type: Information


After installing Content Studio on Windows Server 2003 the administrative application does not work. The caller can see the Select site screen and choose a site but is immideately redirected back to the same page again.


This could be a new security issue in Windows Server 2003 that blocks cookies if the url contains invalid characters i.e. "_". Microsoft writes the following in their knowledgebase article Knowledge Base-artikel - 325192 "Cookies on Active Server pages (ASP pages) are blocked if the server name contains characters that are not supported by Domain Name System (DNS). For example, you cannot use underscore characters (_) in the server name. This behavior is by design." However we have found that this is also true for the whole URL.


We recommend you to use only standard names in your URLs: Letters A-Z and numbers.