Author: Halfvares Mats, Teknikhuset AB.

Published: 2005-08-24

Applies to:
  • Content Studio ver. 3.3 and later

Type: Information


When you try to do a certain action in Content Studio the following message might occur.
Event actions EventName: ActiveX component can't create object where EventName can be ex. OnDocumentSave, OnXMLIndexChange or OnDocumentDelete etc. However in most cases the action in Content Studio succeeds.


This error appears on certain server only and is caused by the underlying MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing) service and occurs when MSMQ fails to execute queued components in the Content Studio message queue. Content Studio uses this service to do background tasks on the server. Some actions like indexing a new Xml field can take a very long time and therefore it is impossible for the caller to wait for the action to complete.


One need to rebuild the Event Actions MSMQ queues on the server. In order to do this you must have access to the web server either locally or via Remote Desktop. For detailed instructions see our knowledgebase article Rebuild the Content Studio Event Actions queue.