Author: Halfvares Mats, Teknikhuset AB.

Published: 2004-09-13

Applies to:
  • Content Studio ver. 4.0

Type: How to

More information

Sometimes it is neccessary to rebuild the Content Studio full text indexes. This i always needed when you have restored a Content Studio site database on another database server or on the same server but with another name. The reason for this is that the name of the full text catalogs containing the index is given a name that is dependent on the SQL Server ID of the database ie. "ftxt_DATABASEID_CS_ContentBinary" and "ftxt_DATABASEID_XML_Data" where DATABASEID is the internal id of the database. This ID is not preserved when you restore the database as a new database but the full-text information will remain. You also will note that the database reports that the full text catalog has been lost. In this situation you will need to delete the 2 catalogs and completly rebuild them.
To delete the catalogs
  • Open Enterprise Manager and expand the Full text folder of the site database
  • In the right pane right click each one of the 2 full text catalogs and select rebuild. Enterprise Manager will ask you if you want to loose the index and completly rebuild it - select Yes on this question
  • Right click on each one of the catalogs and select Delete. You might receive some error messages during the delete process but you can check the status by refreshing the view afterwards.
  • Both catalogs should be gone by now.

To rebuild the catalogs

  • Start the SQL Query analyser tool from the tools menu in Enterprise Manager and paste in the script that rebuilds the catalogs. Below is the links to the scripts that can be used. Make sure you download the correct script depending on the version installed.
    • Content Studio 4.0 build 1009 and earlier
      Display code

    • Studio 4.0 build 1010 and later.
      Display code

  • Execute the script and close Entererprise Manager and Query Analyzer.

You should now be able to work with the Content Studio full-text index as usual.