Author: Eriksson Joakim, Teknikhuset AB.

Published: 2002-11-22

Applies to: Content Studio ver. X.X

Type: Bug


When an administrator has removed the Everyone group from the Content Studio site root some users might be prompted several times for logins even though they do have permissions to browse Content Studio. Members of the Administrators group are not affected.


This is a bug in the Search/Replace module of Content Studio. When a new site is installed the installation program asks Content Studio to build the site file system and set the correct permissions. All the site subfolders starting with a ~ (tilde) character must be readable to any user regardless of the security set on the site. The installation program should set Everyone Read/Execute access in all those folders but due to a bug this is not the case.


Add the Everyone group to all folders whose names starting with ~ (tilde) under the site root folder. Grant Everyone Read & Execute permission on all these folders.


This bug has been fixed in version of CSSrv32.dll. The fixed version of this file is distributed from nov. 25 2002 and later