Author: Halfvares Mats, Teknikhuset AB.

Published: 2004-09-15

Applies to:
  • Content Studio ver. 4.0 prior to build 1003

Type: Bug


When Content Studio opens a page with one or more webitor 2.0 components one or more of the component does not show any data and the toolbar does not get its proper look. Even if there is data in the EPT field that is connected to the webitor the content does not show up.


This is a problem that can occur on clients with slow internet connection. We have verified it on systems using ADSL 500 kB connections.


Clients that experience this problem are strongly advised to upgrade to Content Studio version build 1003.


This is a verified problem with the webitor 2.0 Active Scripting component that has been fixed in version 4.0 build 1003.