Author: Lindqvist Andreas, Teknikhuset AB.

Published: 2004-06-10

Applies to: Content Studio ver. 4.0 +

Type: How to


After that an administrator has changed the permission on the site root object and removed all entries for the Everyone group user cannot use Content Studio.


Users that has no browse permissions on the site root object and the files contained within it. This is true because all users must be able to execute these files since they directs all requests to other documents. In order to be able to set restrictive permission lower down on the site a standard entry for Everyone read would solve the problem but give too high permissions further down in the site structure.


You must add a special permission the the Everyone group or Authenticated Users in an intranet with only trusted connections on the site root. The entry must be constructed so that i will only affect the root container and the files within it.
  • In Content Studio open the security dialog of the root object.
  • Open the Advanced dialog by pressing the Advanced button.
  • Add a new entry for the Everyone group by pressing the Add button.
  • In the Apply onto combo box make sure that this entry applies to This folder and files only.
  • Grant the BROWSE (read on site) permission.
  • Check the Apply to objects within this object only check box
  • .
  • Press the OK button and return to the regular permission dialog by pressing the OK button.
  • Press OK or Apply to save your changes and propagate the to the file system.


This behaviour is by design.

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