Author: Eriksson Joakim, Teknikhuset AB.

Published: 2002-11-04

Applies to: Content Studio ver. 3.3 +

Type: Information


A user successfully saves a new xml index in the xml index dialog. When reopening the dialog all the selected fields are gone.


This error has occured on systems with an OLE DB provider for SQL Server that is too old. The xml tag listing function internally uses an xml stream directly from SQL Server. Streaming of this kind is not supported on older providers (pre SQL server 2000) and even though the Content Studio installation program updates the ADO to the correct version not all files are updated.


Manually check the version of OLE DB and particulary the file SQLOLEDB.DLL found in the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Ole DB. The version of this file must be 2000.80.528.0 or later. If the file is too old obtain a later version of Microsoft Data Access Components, MDAC (at least version 2.6 Sp1) and try to install it on the server. You can obtain MDAC on Microsoft's web site


This is a problem with the installation program of MDAC from Microsoft that sometimes fails to update MDAC even though that no errors are reported.