Author: Erik Strandman, The Content Studio Development Team.

Published: 2008-03-03

Applies to:
  • Content Studio ver. 5.1 and later, in combination with Internet Explorer.

Type: Information

More information

For a long time there has been a problem in the Web view where the small edit icons disappear unexpectedly. When a page is shown in the Web view window, a client side java script, that checks whether you are in the administrative interface or not, is executed. If Content Studio finds that you no longer are in edit mode the small edit icons are removed. The main reason for this is that with the edit icons, the underlying Html code no longer correctly validates against the Xhtml schemas or just looks wrong. For this reason the extra "edit" code should not be rendered on the actual Web site. Until version 5.1, this check and the removal operation has been done silently without notifying the users - the icons have simply disappeared.

In version 5.1 Content Studio asks the user whether the icons should be removed or not provided that you are outside of the administrative interface but the question is asked once per session only. Normally Content Studio can track whether or not the user is in the administrative interface but there are scenarios where this is not possible. The most obvious scenario is when a document has been opened in a modal window, for example a custom browse dialog.

To avoid this question make sure that all modal windows are opened with the additional querystring CS_NoEdit=1. Typically this problem can occur after an upgrade where a modal window is used in your own client side code. Modal windows are supported in Internet Explorer only.