Author: Mats Halfvares, Content Studio development team.

Published: 2009-08-21

Applies to:
  • Content Studio ver. 5.1

Type: Bug


During installation you receive the following error message which blocks the upgrade operation.

Failure executing database command.
An error occurred in step 0 batch 97 starting at line 6032.
ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[f_XmlParents]
System.ComponentModel.DoWorkEventArgs: Invalid object name 'dbo.f_XmlParents'.


This problem occurs when

  • Content Studio is upgraded from version 5.1 to 5.2.
  • The database previously was running CS 5.1 on Sql Server 2000.
  • The database was later upgraded or moved to Sql Server 2005.

The problem occurs because in Content Studio 5.1, but only when Sql Server 2005 or later is used, one stored procedure and two functions are installed.
These are used by Content Studio in order to optimize the menu generation and uses functionality not present in Sql Server 2005. For this reason these procedures where never installed under Sql Server 2000 and since they are missing they cannot be altered.


Before you upgrade to version 5.2 on an installation that has a site that potentially can experience this problem, make sure you run the following hot-fix script on all affected databases.

If you already has experienced the problem and thus been forced to cancel the installation you run the Bug2646-patch.sql on the problematic site database. After that you can rerun the installation program. If the installation program does not enter upgrade mode you can force it to do so. For more information see How to force upgrade mode


This problem has been fixed in Content Studio version 5.2 Sp1.