Author: Eriksson Joakim, Teknikhuset AB.

Published: 2012-04-04

Applies to: Content Studio ver. 5.0 and later

Type: Information


Exceptions thrown by the Content Studio server is mostly of the CSException type or inherit from this class. In order to identify the nature of the exception each CSException has a number property
The Content Studio adminstrative application typically displays these messages in an alert box when they occur. A developer can test for these errors when programming against the Content Studio API. The errors are returned in the Result & ResultText parameters.

More information

Content Studio CSException types
Number Message Derived type
0 The action was successful  
1 Unknown message.  
1001 The session is invalid. CSInvalidSessionException
1002 Permission denied. CSPermissionDeniedException
1003 Group not found.  
1004 Container not found.  
1005 Invalid container type.  
1006 Invalid access type.  
1007 This group is protected from the operation.  
1008 Group already registered.  
1009 Invalid parameter value CSInvalidParameterException
1010 User does not exist.  
1011 The user has been disabled in Content Studio.  
1012 You are not permitted to use Content Studio.  
1013 Account not found  
1014 Account not found on the network or SID is invalid.  
1015 Cannot change inherited permissions. They can only be changed in the container where they are defined.  
1016 This action is not permitted on caller's own account.  
1017 Invalid object type.  
1018 Permission denied. You do not have the group right needed to save executable content.  
1019 Object security descriptor not found.  
1020 Invalid owner.  
1021 The search returned to many hits. Please, refine your search criteria.  
1022 Invalid action.  
1023 The property does not exist.  
1024 The application does not exist.  
1025 The property or application name is invalid.  
1026 Invalid GUOID  
1027 GUOID already exists  
1028 Invalid doc type declaration  
1029 The supplied presentation template could not be found, or is not a presentation template.  
1030 The presentation template could not be read, permission was denied.  
1031 The presentation template is not published.  
1032 Not supported.  
1033 Invalid custom authentication token. CSCustomAuthenticationTokenException
1034 Custom authentication failure. CSCustomAuthenticationFailedException
1100 The document does not exist. CSDocumentNotFoundException
1101 Cannot update cache data, the document is not cachable.  
1102 Cannot update cache data, the category of this document does not support caching.  
1103 Cannot update cache data, no valid cache duration found.  
1104 The document was marked as cacheable but the cache has expired. Cache information was invalidated.  
1105 The document was saved successfully and cache information was invalidated.  
1106 Invalid object type.  
1107 Cannot set document to cacheable when the category is non-cacheable. Statement was aborted.  
1108 Invalid cache status value.  
1109 Cannot set a edit/presentation template as being cacheable. Statement was aborted.  
1110 Cannot set a category marked as a container for binary content as cacheable. Statement was aborted.  
1111 The document was marked as cacheable but the filetype does not support cacheing. Statement was aborted and the document has been marked as non-cacheable.  
1112 Cannot remove notification tasks in progress.  
1113 The document | could not be found in the chosen hierarchy. CSDocumentNotFoundInHierarchyException
1201 The action against Content Studio full-text is not valid.  
1254 Cannot determine the IIS Anonymous user account. This error is likely to occur when Content Studio was moved between two computers. Adjust the anonymous account site setting.  
1310 There is an unprocessed item for this document already.  
1311 The category is not enabled for PDF generation.  
1403 Could not update the link. The link could not be found.  
1501 Can not delete the container. Delete all child objects connected to the container and try again.  
1503 The category does not exist.  
1504 The unit can not be deleted since is marked as global unit.  
1505 The unit does not exist.  
1507 The name is too long.  
1508 The name contains invalid characters.  
1509 The name may not be empty.  
1510 The name may not start with ~ (tilde).  
1511 The name is reserved by the operating system.  
1512 The name already in use, choose another name.  
1513 The container has been deleted from Content Studio but the folder could not be deleted from the file system. This must be done manually.  
1514 There is already a folder in the file system with this name. Remove the folder manually or choose another name.  
1515 The document has been removed from Content Studio but its file(s) could not be deleted from the file system. This must be done manually by an administrator.  
1516 The name may not start or end with spaces.  
1517 The name is already in use for another component. Choose another name.  
1518 Invalid file name or extension.  
1519 The document is too large to be saved due to a policy on the web site.  
1520 The document type is forbidden.  
1521 The document type is not allowed.  
1522 The document already exists and may not be updated due to a policy on the web site.  
1523 You must select a document to upload  
1550 The specified category already participates in an MLC.  
1551 The language is not valid.  
1552 The category is not a master in an MLC.  
1553 The language already exist in the specified MLC.  
1554 The category is not an MLC member.  
1555 The MLC master could not be located.  
1556 Cannot delete the master MLC category when there are existing members.  
1557 The category type is not valid for the operation.  
1558 The document is not an MLC member.  
1559 The document is not an MLC master document.  
1560 The master and member document must belong to the same MLC.  
1561 The language does not exist in the specified MLC.  
1562 The category acts as a member in an MLC. You must drop its membership before it can be deleted.  
1563 No connected document exists for the specified language.  
1564 No valid MLC parent document exists for the specified member document.  
1565 A member document on this language is already existing for the master document.  
1601 The documents already exists among your favorite documents.  
1603 Cannot add the document to my favorite documents. No such document could be found.  
1604 Cannot remove document that does not exist in my favorite documents.  
1701 Setting change failed. This setting requires a numeric value.  
1702 Setting change failed. This setting is read-only.  
1704 Setting was not found.  
1780 Document does not contain an element required by the Content Studio EPT standard.  
1781 The requested schema could not be found.  
1782 Invalid document format. XML is not well formed.  
1783 The field | is not indexed.  
1784 Invalid syntax.  
1799 Failed due to database error  
1801 The document is in the recycle bin. Restore or delete it first.  
1802 The document was not checked out. Please check out the document and try again.  
1804 The document could not be found. CSDocumentNotFoundException
1805 The document does not support this functionality.  
1806 Failed to check in the document, no permission to do a force check in.  
1807 Failed to check in the document. The document is already checked in.  
1808 Failed to check in the document. It must be checked the same person that holds checked out.  
1809 The document is already checked out by |.  
1810 You must check out the document first.  
1811 The document or category is protected.  
1812 Could not restore the document. The document must be put in the recycle bin first.  
1816 Could not delete the document |. The document is used as a parent for one or more child documents.  
1817 Failed to restore content. Unable to locate this revision from history.  
1818 In order for this action to succeed the document cannot be in the recycling bin.  
1819 Failed to send for revision. The document is already sent for revision.  
1821 No writeable content exists for the actual document.  
1822 Failed to approve document. Only documents sent for revision can be approved. This beaviour can be overrided by the RevisionDemanded system setting.  
1823 No valid content that could be checked in could be found.  
1824 Can not remove a document from the list of revisions. Document has already been removed.  
1825 Could not delete the document. The document has been sent for approval.  
1826 Can not reject the document. The document has already been rejected.  
1827 Can not reject the document. The document must be marked for approval first.  
1828 The caller requested the editable content but an approved read-only content was returned instead.  
1829 The requested revision could not be found.  
1830 There is currently no approved content.  
1831 Cannot move a root document.  
1832 Can not move. The destination document is a child document of the source document.  
1833 The routine for deleting temporary files was run but one or more files could not be removed. These has to be removed later or manually.  
1834 Cannot replace an uploaded document with a document that has a different name. Create a new document instead.  
1835 The document is already uploaded to this category. Document id: |  
1836 The name of the document is too long.  
1837 The document category must be of type XML Document  
1838 The document is not published.  
1839 Cannot create the document, the number of documents in this category has exceeded the document quota  
1899 Could not save. An error occured during processing. Statement has been aborted.  
1900 The template is already added to this category.  
1901 Could not remove, this category has more than one template and this one is default.  
1902 Could not set as default. The template is not added for this category.  
1903 Could not add this document, the document is not a presentation template.  
1904 The documents is not an edit template.  
1905 Could not set edit template. The category contains meta data.  
1906 Could not set this document as a template, the category you created the document in is using another template.  
1907 Could not set this document as a template, a document can only be set as a template first time it is created.  
1908 Could not set edit template. The category contains at least one document that is a template.  
1909 Could not set edit template. The category contains binary data.  
1910 Could not delete the document. The document is connected as a template to a category.  
1911 Could not set this document as a presentation template. A presentation template can not be cacheable.  
1912 The field "|" is required.  
1913 The field "|" must be a valid email address.  
1914 The field "|" has an invalid format.  
1915 The field "|" must be numerical.  
1916 The field "|" must have a value greater then |.  
1917 The field "|" must have a value less then |.  
1918 The field "|" must have a value not equal to |.  
1919 The field "|" must have at least | characters.  
1920 The field "|" cannot contain more than | characters.  
1930 Invalid directive data. No valid directive root node found.  
1931 The mandatory directive attribute "|" is missing in the data.  
1932 The directive attribute "|" has an invalid value.  
1933 The directive "|" cannot appear multiple times.  
2000 A call to the license mangager (THLookup.dll) component failed. Please notify the system administrator.  
2001 No valid Content Studio license found.  
2002 The trial licence of Content Studio has expired. Please contact the system administrator.  
2004 Content Studio Standard Edition supports only one site. An older site, has been found registerd.  
2005 No valid license could be found for the actual Content Studio plug-in.  
2100 This message is reserved.  
2101 Workflow: The step could not be found.  
2102 Workflow: No active step exists.  
2103 Workflow: No active run was found.  
2104 Workflow: No participants found in active run.  
2105 Workflow: No such step attribute.  
2107 Workflow: Role not found.  
2109 Workflow: Set step attribute error.  
2110 Workflow: Load workflow attribute error.  
2111 Workflow: Set workflow attribute error.  
2112 Workflow: The user is not a participant.  
2113 Workflow: Workflow is not running.  
2114 Workflow: No active run.  
2115 Workflow: Action not available for the caller.  
2116 Workflow: No action was specified.  
2117 Workflow: Could not connect to database.  
2118 Workflow: Completion rule is invalid.  
2119 Workflow: DB message error.  
2120 Workflow: DB log error.  
2121 Workflow: No draft found.  
2122 Workflow: User not found.  
2123 Workflow: Element not found.  
2124 Workflow: Content not found.  
2125 Workflow: The SMPT server could not be found.  
2126 Workflow: Could not connect to SMTP-server.  
2127 Workflow: Invalid XML in EPT document.  
2128 Workflow: Could not load schema.  
2129 Workflow: The step is already running.  
2130 Workflow: User is already a participant.  
2131 Workflow: No members has been specified.  
2132 Workflow: The step is already running.  
2133 Workflow: No participants has been specified.  
2134 Workflow: Permission to set participants is not granted.  
2135 Workflow: Participant no role.  
2136 Workflow: No participants.  
2137 Workflow: Status error.  
2138 Workflow: HTTP POST exception.  
2139 Workflow: HTTP POST error.  
2140 Workflow: No steps found.  
2141 Workflow: Database load error.  
2142 Workflow: No instance has been loaded.  
2143 Workflow: Workflow is not used on this category.  
2144 Workflow: Could not load the definition.  
2145 Workflow: Definition parse error.  
2146 Workflow: Expression parse error.  
2147 Workflow: Internal server error.  
2148 Workflow: Members XML parse error.  
2149 Workflow: The instance is already initialized.  
2150 Workflow: Error saving to database.  
2151 Workflow: Could not change WF owner. The specified user could not be found.  
2153 At least | participants must participate.  
2156 Checkout prohibited. Only one document version is allowed due to workflow restrictions.  
2170 The category of this document is not subscribable.  
2171 The subscription of the category of this document has been disabled.  
2172 Unsupported message method.  
2173 The document is not published and cannot be sent by the subscription service.  
2174 No SMTP-server has been defined.  
2175 The application already exists.  
2176 The application does not exist.  
2177 No valid sender has been defined.  
2178 No valid receiver has been defined.  
2190 Cannot perform the action since the Content Studio Service Manager currently performs an identical task.  
2191 Job not found.  
2192 The job has already been completed.  
2193 The NewIndex value is greater than the MaxIndex property of the job.  
2197 The requested action requires that the document is active in a workflow.  
2198 The requested action has been denied by a workflow rule.  
2199 The requested action is not supported for documents under workflow control.