Author: Mats Halfvares, Content Studio development team.

Published: 2012-08-23

Applies to:
  • Content Studio ver. 5.4 and later



You receive error Access to path '. . .' is denied when you try to rename a category or unit and the operation fails.


This problem occurs when a process on the server has locked the folder that represents the unit or category being renamed in the underlying file system. The problem will most likely occur on a website that is in use.

Try to avoid renaming a category or a unit on a published web site since it affects all documents and folders within that folder and can make links to images and documents invalid.


Often this problem goes away after a while. If the problem persists try to take the web site off-line or perform the operation at a time when there are less users accessing the web site. Additionally you can try to restart the IIS with the iisreset command and restart the Content Studio server service.


This problem is by design.