Author: Mats halfvares, the content Studio development team.

Published: 2008-11-14

Applies to: Content Studio version 5

Type: Information

More information

Content Studio clients (such as a Content Studio Web site) can use two different channels when it communicates with the underlying Content Studio server. The two channels are IPC (Inter process communication) and TCP. IPC is implemented as a named pipe object in the underlying operating system whereas the TCP channel uses regular calls via the TCP protocol.

Sometimes there is a need to change the protocol, for example when there is a problem.

  • IPC is faster than TCP
  • IPC only works on a single computer
  • TCP supports calls over the network.
  • TCP can be more stable in some cases.
warning Warning: The actions below is advanced and should be performed by experienced personal only!
Content Studio version 5.2 and later.
  • Locate the file system directory where the web site is installed.
  • Make a safety copy of the Web.config file.
  • Open the Web.config file using a text or xml editor.
  • Locate the configuration/appSettings element

        <add key="ConnectionId" value="52456" />
        <add key="CommunicationChannel" value="IPC"/>
  • Change the value attribute of the add element where the key attribute is CommunicationChannel from IPC to TCP or from TCP to IPC depending on which protocol to use.
  • Do not touch the file in any other way - any mistake and your web site will stop working!
  • Save the Web.config file.
  • As soon as you have saved Web.config the web site is restarted and the new protocol is applied.
Content Studio version 5.0 and 5.1.