Author: Halfvares Mats, Teknikhuset AB.

Published: 2014-05-14

Applies to:
  • Content Studio ver. 5.6 and later

Type: How to

More information

The new editorial interface is installed when Content Studio is upgraded to version 5.6 but is not activated for existing web sites. When adding a site or doing a new installation of Content Studio 5.6 this is presented as an option during installation. For existing sites a server administrator must activate the new editorial interface manually for each site that should use it.

  • Log on to the web server as an administrator
  • Start the IIS manager tool and localize the site or, if Content Studio is installed as a sub site, the virtual application representing the Content Studio site.
  • Add a new virtual application under the site. The default name is "cse" but you can give it any name as long as it does not interferes with an existing folder. This name will be the last part of the address to the editorial interface. E.g. if you choose the default name and the address to your site is "", the address to the editorial interface will be "".
  • You must specify the location in the file system to the editorial interface as a part of the process. These files are installed by the installation program as a sibling folder named "MEUI" to the ordinary administrative interface.
  • Set up authentication on the folder by turning anonymous authentication off. This will force any visitor to log on the site.

    Important: All authentication properties except for anonymous access must be exactly the same on the site, the administrative interface and on the editorial interface.

  • Important

    If you plan to use the editorial interface from external locations or on IPad, IPhone and Android units you must change the authentication method to Basic and disable Windows Integrated authentication since that method is not supported on these units. You must then change authentication method on all of the three sites: The site (can be anonymous), the administrative interface and the new editorial interface. For security reasons SSL (https://) should always be used to avoid network sniffing when using the Basic method.