[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Author: Mats halfvares, the content Studio development team.

Published: 2008-11-14

Applies to: Content Studio version 5.2 and later

Type: Information

More information

In Content Studio version 5.2 a new synchronous event OnXmlIndexSave has been introduced. The idea behind this event is to make it possible to synchronize indexed xml data with an external source. Such a source can be used to provide more specialized and efficient seach capability that the xml filter queries provided by Content Studio.

An event handler for this event is implemented in the same fashion as any synchronous even handler (see the article .Creating a synchronous event handler). However, there is one special thing about this event that needs to be specifically document - the format of the passed in EPT xml content.

In the event handler's EventHandler method the content argument will contain a specially crafted version of the Ept document content with the following syntax and meaning.

CopyXml in the content argument
<ept draft="True" 
    <field name="FieldName"
           obsolete="False">Content of the field
    <!--More fields, one for each field being indexed, can follow -->
Xml, elements and attributes
ept/@isdraftBoolean (True/False): Indicates whether this data represents the draft content.
ept/@documentIdInteger: Specifies the numeric identifier of the Ept document being indexed.
ept/@categoryIdInteger: Specifies the numeric identifier of the Ept document's category.
ept/fieldString: the content of the field being indexed.
ept/field/@nameString: specifies the name of the field.
ept/field/@tagIdInteger: Specifies the internal Xml index identifier of the field.
ept/field/@obsoleteBoolean (True/False): This value is False if the field being indexed exists in the Ept schema. If this value happens to be True this is an indication that a field exists in the data but has been removed from the Ept schema.

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