ContentStudio.Document.Subscription Namespace Content Studio 5.7 SDK
Content Studio Web Content Management System

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This namespace contains classes that interact with the built in subscription services. This namespace is new in Content Studio version 5.2

  Class Description
Public class DocumentsForSubscriptionListItem
This class acts as a placeholder for a record returned from the DocumentsForSubscription(ConnectionId, SessionId) method.
Public class DocumentSubscriptionProperties
This class handles subscription related properties for a Content Studio document.
Public class NativeSubscriptionManager
This class contains low level methods for accessing the Subscription Service data
Public class Schedule
Specifies a specific schedule definition used by the Content Studio Service Manager.
Public class ScheduleCollection
This class represents a collection of Schedule items that describes the schedule to use for a specific schedule in a CSSubscription data store.
Public class SubscriberAddress
This class represents a subscriber's address
Public class Subscription
This class represents a single subscription.
Public class Code example SubscriptionCollection
This class defines a collection data reader that reads subscriptions connected to a subscription definition. This data reader supports paging functionality.
Public class Code example SubscriptionDefinition
This class is used to read an maintain subscription definitions related to a category.
Public class SubscriptionDefinitionListItem
This class defines a member in a list of subscription definitions.
Public class SubscriptionInfo
This class represents a single subscription.
Public class SubscriptionPropertyCollection
This class is used by the SubscriptionDefinition class to store the collection of properties and their values.

  Structure Description
Public structure SimpleTime
This class represents a 24 hour time format used by the Schedule class.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DocumentSubscriptionStatus
Defines the internal subscription statuses that a document can have
Public enumeration SubscriberAddressType
Defines the different formats of a subriber's address
Public enumeration SubscriptionSorting
Defines how the list of subscriptions on a subscription definition is sorted
Public enumeration SubscriptionType
Defines the different types of subscriptions