CSApplicationCSInfoTypes Enumeration Content Studio 5.7 SDK
Content Studio Web Content Management System

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Types of information that can be returned in the FetchInfo function. These values can be combined if more than one info type should be returned.

Namespace: ContentStudio
Assembly: CSServer5 (in CSServer5.dll) Version: 5.7.5016.0 (5.7.5016.0)

public enum CSInfoTypes

  Member nameValueDescription
CSServer_Version1 The version of the Content Studio server assembly.
CSServer_Machine2 The name of the computer where Content Studio server runs.
CSDatabase_Version4 The version of the Content Studio database for the actual web site.
CSDatabaseServer_Info8 Returns information about the SQL server hosting the Content Studio database.
DBserver_Machine16 Returns the name of the computer on which Content Studio runs.
DB_Name32 The name of the Content Studio site database.
Build64 The build version of Content Studio.
Build_Date128 The release date of the current build of Content Studio.
Revision256 The revision version of Content Studio.
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