PropertyTagId Enumeration Content Studio 5.7 SDK
Content Studio Web Content Management System

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The following Enumeration gives list (and descriptions) of the property items supported in EXIF format.

Namespace: ContentStudio.ImageProcessing.Enums.SvenskaKyrkan.Contracts.Enums
Assembly: ContentStudio.ImageProcessing (in ContentStudio.ImageProcessing.dll) Version: 5.7.5016.0 (5.7.5016.0)

public enum PropertyTagId

  Member nameValueDescription
Artist315Null-terminated character string that specifies the name of the person who created the image.
BitsPerSample258Number of bits per color component. See also SamplesPerPixel.
CellHeight265 The cell height
CellWidth264 The cell width
ChrominanceTable20625 The chrominance table
ColorMap320 The color map
ColorTransferFunction20506 The color transfer function
Compression259 The compression
Copyright33432 The copyright
DateTime306 The date time
DocumentName269 The document name
DotRange336 The dot range
Camera_Make271 The camera_ make
Camera_Model272 The camera_ model
ExifAperture37378 The exif aperture
ExifBrightness37379 The exif brightness
ExifCfaPattern41730 The exif cfa pattern
ExifColorSpace40961 The exif color space
ExifCompBPP37122 The exif comp BPP
ExifCompConfig37121 The exif comp configuration
ExifDTDigitized36868 The exif dt digitized
ExifDTDigSS37522 The exif dt dig ss
ExifDTOrig36867 The exif dt original
ExifDTOrigSS37521 The exif dt original ss
ExifDTSubsec37520 The exif dt subsec
ExifExposureBias37380 The exif exposure bias
ExifExposureIndex41493 The exif exposure index
ExifExposureProg34850 The exif exposure prog
ExifExposureTime33434 The exif exposure time
ExifFileSource41728 The exif file source
ExifFlash37385 The exif flash
ExifFlashEnergy41483 The exif flash energy
ExifFNumber33437 The exif f number
ExifFocalLength37386 The exif focal length
ExifFocalResUnit41488 The exif focal resource unit
ExifFocalXRes41486 The exif focal x resource
ExifFocalYRes41487 The exif focal y resource
ExifFPXVer40960 The exif FPX ver
ExifIFD34665 The exif ifd
ExifInterop40965 The exif interop
ExifISOSpeed34855 The exif iso speed
ExifLightSource37384 The exif light source
ExifMakerNote37500 The exif maker note
ExifMaxAperture37381 The exif maximum aperture
ExifMeteringMode37383 The exif metering mode
ExifOECF34856 The exif oecf
ExifPixXDim40962 The exif pix x dim
ExifPixYDim40963 The exif pix y dim
ExifRelatedWav40964 The exif related wav
ExifSceneType41729 The exif scene type
ExifSensingMethod41495 The exif sensing method
ExifShutterSpeed37377 The exif shutter speed
ExifSpatialFR41484 The exif spatial fr
ExifSpectralSense34852 The exif spectral sense
ExifSubjectDist37382 The exif subject dist
ExifSubjectLoc41492 The exif subject loc
ExifUserComment37510 The exif user comment
ExifVer36864 The exif ver
ExtraSamples338 The extra samples
FillOrder266 The fill order
FrameDelay20736 The frame delay
FreeByteCounts289 The free byte counts
FreeOffset288 The free offset
Gamma769 The gamma
GlobalPalette20738 The global palette
GpsAltitude6 The GPS altitude
GpsAltitudeRef5 The GPS altitude reference
GpsDestBear24 The GPS dest bear
GpsDestBearRef23 The GPS dest bear reference
GpsDestDist26 The GPS dest dist
GpsDestDistRef25 The GPS dest dist reference
GpsDestLat20 The GPS dest lat
GpsDestLatRef19 The GPS dest lat reference
GpsDestLong22 The GPS dest long
GpsDestLongRef21 The GPS dest long reference
GpsGpsDop11 The GPS GPS dop
GpsGpsMeasureMode10 The GPS GPS measure mode
GpsGpsSatellites8 The GPS GPS satellites
GpsGpsStatus9 The GPS GPS status
GpsGpsTime7 The GPS GPS time
GpsIFD34853 The GPS ifd
GpsImgDir17 The GPS img dir
GpsImgDirRef16 The GPS img dir reference
GpsLatitude2 The GPS latitude
GpsLatitudeRef1 The GPS latitude reference
GpsLongitude4 The GPS longitude
GpsLongitudeRef3 The GPS longitude reference
GpsMapDatum18 The GPS map datum
GpsSpeed13 The GPS speed
GpsSpeedRef12 The GPS speed reference
GpsTrack15 The GPS track
GpsTrackRef14 The GPS track reference
GpsVer0 The GPS ver
GrayResponseCurve291 The gray response curve
GrayResponseUnit290 The gray response unit
GridSize20497 The grid size
HalftoneDegree20492 The halftone degree
HalftoneHints321 The halftone hints
HalftoneLPI20490 The halftone lpi
HalftoneLPIUnit20491 The halftone lpi unit
HalftoneMisc20494 The halftone misc
HalftoneScreen20495 The halftone screen
HalftoneShape20493 The halftone shape
HostComputer316 The host computer
ICCProfile34675 The icc profile
ICCProfileDescriptor770 The icc profile descriptor
ImageDescription270 The image description
ImageHeight257 The image height
ImageTitle800 The image title
ImageWidth256 The image width
IndexBackground20739 The index background
IndexTransparent20740 The index transparent
InkNames333 The ink names
InkSet332 The ink set
JPEGACTables521 The jpegac tables
JPEGDCTables520 The jpegdc tables
JPEGInterFormat513 The JPEG inter format
JPEGInterLength514 The JPEG inter length
JPEGLosslessPredictors517 The JPEG lossless predictors
JPEGPointTransforms518 The JPEG point transforms
JPEGProc512 The JPEG proc
JPEGQTables519 The jpegq tables
JPEGQuality20496 The JPEG quality
JPEGRestartInterval515 The JPEG restart interval
LoopCount20737 The loop count
LuminanceTable20624 The luminance table
MaxSampleValue281 The maximum sample value
MinSampleValue280 The minimum sample value
NewSubfileType254 The new subfile type
NumberOfInks334 The number of inks
Orientation274 The orientation
PageName285 The page name
PageNumber297 The page number
PaletteHistogram20755 The palette histogram
PhotometricInterp262 The photometric interp
PixelPerUnitX20753 The pixel per unit x
PixelPerUnitY20754 The pixel per unit y
PixelUnit20752 The pixel unit
PlanarConfig284 The planar configuration
Predictor317 The predictor
PrimaryChromaticities319 The primary chromaticities
PrintFlags20485 The print flags
PrintFlagsBleedWidth20488 The print flags bleed width
PrintFlagsBleedWidthScale20489 The print flags bleed width scale
PrintFlagsCrop20487 The print flags crop
PrintFlagsVersion20486 The print flags version
REFBlackWhite532 The reference black white
ResolutionUnit296 The resolution unit
ResolutionXLengthUnit20483 The resolution x length unit
ResolutionXUnit20481 The resolution x unit
ResolutionYLengthUnit20484 The resolution y length unit
ResolutionYUnit20482 The resolution y unit
RowsPerStrip278 The rows per strip
SampleFormat339 The sample format
SamplesPerPixel277 The samples per pixel
SMaxSampleValue341 The s maximum sample value
SMinSampleValue340 The s minimum sample value
SoftwareUsed305 The software used
SRGBRenderingIntent771 The SRGB rendering intent
StripBytesCount279 The strip bytes count
StripOffsets273 The strip offsets
SubfileType255 The subfile type
T4Option292 The t4 option
T6Option293 The t6 option
TargetPrinter337 The target printer
ThreshHolding263 The thresh holding
ThumbnailArtist20532 The thumbnail artist
ThumbnailBitsPerSample20514 The thumbnail bits per sample
ThumbnailColorDepth20501 The thumbnail color depth
ThumbnailCompressedSize20505 The thumbnail compressed size
ThumbnailCompression20515 The thumbnail compression
ThumbnailCopyRight20539 The thumbnail copy right
ThumbnailData20507 The thumbnail data
ThumbnailDateTime20531 The thumbnail date time
ThumbnailEquipMake20518 The thumbnail equip make
ThumbnailEquipModel20519 The thumbnail equip model
ThumbnailFormat20498 The thumbnail format
ThumbnailHeight20500 The thumbnail height
ThumbnailImageDescription20517 The thumbnail image description
ThumbnailImageHeight20513 The thumbnail image height
ThumbnailImageWidth20512 The thumbnail image width
ThumbnailOrientation20521 The thumbnail orientation
ThumbnailPhotometricInterp20516 The thumbnail photometric interp
ThumbnailPlanarConfig20527 The thumbnail planar configuration
ThumbnailPlanes20502 The thumbnail planes
ThumbnailPrimaryChromaticities20534 The thumbnail primary chromaticities
ThumbnailRawBytes20503 The thumbnail raw bytes
ThumbnailRefBlackWhite20538 The thumbnail reference black white
ThumbnailResolutionUnit20528 The thumbnail resolution unit
ThumbnailResolutionX20525 The thumbnail resolution x
ThumbnailResolutionY20526 The thumbnail resolution y
ThumbnailRowsPerStrip20523 The thumbnail rows per strip
ThumbnailSamplesPerPixel20522 The thumbnail samples per pixel
ThumbnailSize20504 The thumbnail size
ThumbnailSoftwareUsed20530 The thumbnail software used
ThumbnailStripBytesCount20524 The thumbnail strip bytes count
ThumbnailStripOffsets20520 The thumbnail strip offsets
ThumbnailTransferFunction20529 The thumbnail transfer function
ThumbnailWhitePoint20533 The thumbnail white point
ThumbnailWidth20499 The thumbnail width
ThumbnailYCbCrCoefficients20535 The thumbnail y cb cr coefficients
ThumbnailYCbCrPositioning20537 The thumbnail y cb cr positioning
ThumbnailYCbCrSubsampling20536 The thumbnail y cb cr subsampling
TileByteCounts325 The tile byte counts
TileLength323 The tile length
TileOffset324 The tile offset
TileWidth322 The tile width
TransferFunction301 The transfer function
TransferRange342 The transfer range
WhitePoint318 The white point
XPosition286 The x position
XResolution282 The x resolution
YCbCrCoefficients529 The y cb cr coefficients
YCbCrPositioning531 The y cb cr positioning
YCbCrSubsampling530 The y cb cr subsampling
YPosition287 The y position
YResolution283 The y resolution
FileSize2147483647 The file size
ExposureMode41986 The exposure mode
DigitalZoomRatio41988 The digital zoom ratio
WhiteBalance41987 The white balance
FocalLengthIn35mmFilm41989 The focal length in35mm film
SceneCaptureType41990 The scene capture type
Sharpness41994 The sharpness
Saturation41993 The saturation
Contrast41992 The contrast
CustomRendered41985 The custom rendered
SubjectArea37396 The subject area
GPSDateStamp29 The GPS date stamp
LensSpecification42034 The lens specification
LensMake42035 The lens make
LensModel42036 The lens model
RecommendedExposureIndex34866 The recommended exposure index
SensitivityType34864 The sensitivity type
LensSerialNumber42037 The lens serial number
BodySerialNumber42033 The body serial number
GainControl41991 The gain control
SubjectDistanceRange41996 The subject distance range
CoefficientGamma42240 The coefficient gamma
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