DocumentComponentSupportDocumentStatistics Method Content Studio 5.7 SDK
Content Studio Web Content Management System

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Returns information about a certain document. The Document Information component uses this method.

Namespace: ContentStudio.Document
Assembly: CSServer5 (in CSServer5.dll) Version: 5.7.5016.0 (5.7.5016.0)

public string DocumentStatistics(
	ConnectionId connectionId,
	SessionId sessionId,
	DocumentId documentId


Type: ContentStudioConnectionId
A value that identifies the web site
Type: ContentStudio.SecuritySessionId
A value that identifies the user's session. This value usually originates from a call to OpenSession(ConnectionId).
Type: ContentStudio.DocumentDocumentId
The document to return statistic information for.

Return Value

Type: String
<statistics documentusage="" usagedate="" createddate="" updateddate="" createdby="" createdbyid="" updatedbyid="" updatedby="" updatedbyemail="" createdbyemail="" updatedbyuserdata="" createdbyuserdata="" categoryname="" publishdate="" archivedate="" revision="" unitname="" modulename="" elementname="" revisiondate=""/>
Data was left out intentionally.

SqlExceptionAn error occurred when executing the command against the Content Studio database
CSInvalidSessionExceptionThe session is invalid.
CSInvalidParameterExceptionThe document id was negative.
CSDocumentNotFoundExceptionThe document could not be found.
ApplicationExceptionEither the document is not published or permission is denied.
SqlExceptionAn error occurred when executing the command against the Content Studio database
Content Studio permissions

Supports anonymous calls. Any user can call this method but BROWSE permission on the document is required.
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