ContentStudio.Document Namespace Content Studio 5.7 SDK
Content Studio Web Content Management System

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This namespace contains classes that enables the caller to work with documents and folders in Content Studio.

  Class Description
Public class CategoryIdConverter
Converts a CategoryId to an object of another data type. It also converts an object of another data type to a CategoryId.
Public class CategoryIdLookupResolver
This class is used for the Content Studio infra structure and is not intended to be used directly.
Public class CategoryManager
This class manages the category type of folders in Content Studio
Public class CategoryReader
This class contains methods for reading data about categories
Public class Code example CSApprovedDocumentInformation
CSApprovedDocumentInformation is used when there is a need for an object oriented way of reading document information available to a caller that only has BROWSE permission on the document.
Public class CSDocument
This class acts as a container for document properties of a Content Studio documents and as a base class for the high-level Content Studio document objects.
Public class Code example CSDocumentInformation
Defines a Content Studio document and its properties. This class provides an object oriented way of reading Content Studio document properties.
Public class Code example CSSyncronizedDocument
This class provides a updatable implementation of the CSDocumentInformation class and provides an object oriented approach to editing, saving and approving Content Studio documents.
Public class DirectiveControl
This class handles the logic behind the directives used in ASP.NET pages.
Public class DocTypeManager
This class handles document type declarations for a document or returns a list of all declarations supported by Content Studio
Public class DocumentBase
This class is the base class of the classes that handles documents.
Public class DocumentBrowser
This class handles browse calls from clients and works only with published data.
Public class DocumentComponentSupport
This class contains methods that supports several specialized AS components.
Public class DocumentEncoding
Handles encoding for objects in the document system.
Public class DocumentIdConverter
Converts a DocumentId to an object of another data type. It also converts an object of another data type to a DocumentId.
Public class DocumentIdLookupResolver
This class is used for the Content Studio infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly.
Public class DocumentItemResult
Public class DocumentManager
This class manages documents in Content Studio.
Public class DocumentReader
This class contains methods for reading documents and list of documents.
Public class Code example DocumentStatistics
This class defines a collection of information/statistics properties for a document
Public class DocumentSyncronizer
This class handles the rebuild files functionality in Content Studio
Public class DocumentSystemBase
This is the base class for the Content Studio file system classes. Classes that inherit from this base class can call one of its protected methods to accomplish tasks against the database in an efficient way.
Public class DocumentVersionInformation
Represents version information for a document and one of its content records.
Public class ExtendedContentPropertyItem
Contains an extended property for a document content
Public class ExtendedContentPropertyResult
Contains extended properties for a document content
Public class Files
Defines a collection of uploaded files in Content Studio.
Public class FolderBase
This is the base class for Content Studio folder objects
Public class FolderReader
This class reads tree structures of the containers.
Public class FolderSyncronizer
This class is responsible for the synchronization of Content Studio folders with the file system
Public class FullTextTranslator
This class handles the translation of fulltext queries from the friendly syntax to the SQL-server syntax. This class is a static class and cannot be instanciated.
Public class GUOID
This class handles the global unique object identifiers that are used for advanced copying in Content Studio.
Public class GuoidObject
This class is the "high-level" representation of the GUOID field that is used to uniquely identify any Content Studio document, category or unit.
This class cannot be inherited from.
Public class PreviewManager
Manages previews in the Content Studio administrative interface. This class is intended for internal use only.
Public class PublishControl
This handles the publish control functionality for Content Studio documents. Publish control is a flag that regulates if Content Studio should look on the Publish date when determining whether the document is published or not. Turning this off can improve performance for large document categories.
Public class RelocateDocumentSettings
Represents settings used when relocating a Content Studio document via the Relocate(ConnectionId, SessionId, DocumentId, CategoryId, RelocateDocumentSettings) call.
Public class ResolveResult
This class is used as return value for resolving operations.
Public class RevisionManager
This class handles the simple workflow of documents that does not use the more advanced workflow server.
Public class Statistics
This class returns statistic data for documents.
Public class UnitIdConverter
Converts a UnitId to an object of another data type. It also converts an object of another data type to a UnitId.
Public class UnitIdLookupResolver
This class is used for the Content Studio infra structure and is not intended to be used directly.
Public class UnitManager
This class adds new units as well as updates and deletes existing ones
Public class UnitReader
This class reads data for the unit type folder
Public class VersionHistory
This class handles the version history functionality built in to Content Studio.

  Structure Description
Public structure CategoryId
This class is used for identification of Content Studio categories.
Public structure DocumentId
This class is used for identification of Content Studio documents.
Public structure UnitId
This class is used for identification of Content Studio units.

  Interface Description
Public interface ICache
Represents a cache store in Content Studio
Public interface IIdentifier
Interface used for identification of Content Studio objects.
Public interface IRecyclingBinItem
Represents a found document returned from the Recycling bin

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CategoryManagerImageProcessingAlgoritm
Defines the image processing algorithm to use.
Public enumeration CategoryManagerImageProcessingLevels
Indicates how uploaded images should be processed before written to disk. The original data always exists in the database but one or more version can be written to disc.
Public enumeration CategoryManagerUseMetaSecurity
Tells whether the category should use meta security or not
Public enumeration CS_SyncronizationDocumentTypes
The type of files that are synchronized
Public enumeration CSApplyLevels
A flag that indicates how changes should be propagated to child objects
Public enumeration CSDocumentInformationContentToLoad
Defines what revision of a document to return.
Public enumeration CSDocumentInformationVersioningStatuses
Specifies the different versioning that a document can have
Public enumeration CSFileObjectTypes
Indicates the type of a Content Studio file system object
Public enumeration DirectiveControlDirectiveClass
Indicates the supported directives of a Content Studio ASPX-document.
Public enumeration DocTypeManagerDocTypes
Defines the available DocTypes declarations that can be applied on a Content Studio document system object.
Public enumeration DocumentComponentSupportDocListSortorder
Defines how the DocList method sorts its document list
Public enumeration DocumentComponentSupportDocumentCollectionSortOrder
Defines how data retrieved from the DocumentCollection method is sorted.
Public enumeration DocumentReaderDocumentListFilters
Specifies the filter types for a document list for a category
Public enumeration DocumentReaderDocumentListSortOrder
Specifies the sort order for the document list
Public enumeration DocumentReaderDocumentsInCategoryReturnLevel
Determines how detailed data should be returned from a procure.
Public enumeration DocumentReaderDocumentSpecialList
Specifies different lists of documents
Public enumeration DocumentReaderRatioCropPosition
Public enumeration DocumentSyncronizerSearchAndReplaceOptions
Search and replace options
Public enumeration DocumentTypes
Defines the different document types that exists in Content Studio. Document types are also called modules and are connected directly to a document category and applies to all documents within that category. Some of the document types can contain meta data and meta data is anything in an HTML document that surrounds the document body including the body tag itself. This data is always supplied by Content Studio when the document is approved or processed.
Public enumeration FolderBaseCSFileFolderTypes
Indicates the type of a Content Studio file system folder object
Public enumeration FolderBaseDocumentFileNamingConvention
Tells how CS should name the file name for documents in a category.
Public enumeration FolderReaderFolderSortOrder
Indicates how a list is sorted.
Public enumeration ImagesAvailable
Defines the different types of image processing levels that exists in Content Studio
Public enumeration ImageTypes
Defines the types of image files that are supported by the image processing in Content Studio
Public enumeration PublishStatuses
Defines the different value the PublishStatus of a document can have in Content Studio.
Public enumeration StatisticsDocumentActions
Indicates types of actions taken on a document.
Public enumeration Supported_ProgrammingLanguages
Indicates the programming language used on an ASPX page
Public enumeration VersionHistoryRemoveOptions
Indicates how version history entries should be removed