PolicyBasedSynchronousEventHandlerPerformPolicyValidation Method Content Studio 5.7 SDK
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[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Performs the policy validation.

Namespace: ContentStudio.EventActions.SynchronousEventHandlers
Assembly: SyncEvtHand (in SyncEvtHand.dll) Version: (

protected virtual void PerformPolicyValidation()

InvalidOperationExceptionA policy rule has been violated by the status of the document passed in.

This method gets called before the DoWork method and it, in its turn, will call your implementation of the ValidatePolicy method, once for each found enabled policy definition. If ValidatePolicy(Policy) method returns false the passed in Policy is concidered as being violated and an InvalidOperationException is thrown. This execption will be catched by Content Studio and communicated to the caller that performed the action tha triggered the event.

Developers can override this method if they want to do their own policy validation entirely. In this case, unless your code also calls the base class provided implementation, ValidatePolicy will not be called.


This code shows an example of a validation operation, in fact it is similar to the implementation already provided by Content Studio.

protected override void PerformPolicyValidation()
    foreach (var policy in Policies)
        if (policy.Enabled)
            if (!ValidatePolicy(policy))
                string message;
                if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(policy.ViolationMessage))
                    if (policy.ViolationMessage.Contains("{0}"))
                        message = String.Format(policy.ViolationMessage, InterpretPolicyValue(policy));
                        message = policy.ViolationMessage;
                    message = "A policy rule has been violated by this document. No specific message has been configured.";

                throw new InvalidOperationException(String.Concat(message, "\r\nPolicy:", policy.Name, "; ", policy.Description));
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