SynchronousEventHandlerBaseEventHandler Method Content Studio 5.7 SDK
Content Studio Web Content Management System

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Defines a standard event handler for Content Studio syncronous server side events. Content Studio calls this implements this interface when an synchrous event occurs.

Namespace: ContentStudio.EventActions.SynchronousEventHandlers
Assembly: SyncEvtHand (in SyncEvtHand.dll) Version: (

public void EventHandler(
	string eventXmlArguments,
	string customData,
	Object content,
	ICSCredentialsContainer credentials,
	ref bool cancel,
	out int status,
	out string statusText


Type: SystemString
An xml document sent to the implementer from Content Studio.
Type: SystemString
User defined static data that has been specified for the Event action definition that triggered this event. The data is supplied via the command text field in the Event actions property window.
Type: SystemObject
The document content as it exists in Content Studio when the event is raised. Not all events supply content and the actual content can vary between different events. This value is prepared and generated by Content Studio when the event is raised.
Type: ContentStudio.EventActionsICSCredentialsContainer
A reference to Content Studio's implementation of the ICSCredentialsContainer interface. This is used to pass system defined credentials to the custom implementation. The event handler can use these credentials when ex. communicating with an external system such as a database or a mail server.
Type: SystemBoolean
A reference to a Boolean parameter. Event handlers sets this parameter to true to indicate that all changes in the Content Studio event that triggered the event should be rolled back. If the value remains false after the call, the event in Content Studio will not be rolled back, regardless of the outcome of the operation performed by the event handler..
Type: SystemInt32
Implementations should set this parameter to zero to indicate success. All other values will throw an error in the Content Studio event that triggered the event causing data to be rolled back.
Type: SystemString
The textual representation of the error indicated in the Status parameter


ICSEventHandlerEventHandler(String, String, Object, ICSCredentialsContainer, Boolean, Int32, String)

InvalidOperationException This method cannot be called from derived classes - or - The event handler cannot handle the actual event.
ArgumentNullExceptioneventXmlArguments cannot be null.
XmlExceptionThe eventXmlArguments argument must be valid Xml.

Note Note
Classes that derive from this class cannot call this method.
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