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[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Performs actions after that the actual work of the event handler has finished.

Namespace: ContentStudio.EventActions.SynchronousEventHandlers
Assembly: SyncEvtHand (in SyncEvtHand.dll) Version: (

protected override void Finish()

You can override this method when there is a need to perform you some actions after that the actual work has been done in the DoWork method.

Note Note


If the AutoEnablePublishedStatus property is set a flag value is added in Status property that will be returned to Content Studio. If you choose to override the this method ensure that you call the base class implementation of this method after your own code if you change the Status property.

protected override void Finish()

  //Your code goes here

  //At the end of your implementation you call the
  //base class implementation
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