ContentStudio.Site.ActiveScripting.Misc Namespace Content Studio 5.7 SDK
Content Studio Web Content Management System

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This namespace contains the code behind implementation for all the miscellanelous Content Studio components.

  Class Description
Public class InsertRSSFeed
Writes a list of RSS items to the supplied stream or the default response stream. The list can be formatted using the built-in formatting or the developer can supply an XSL stylesheet to have full control of the formatting. Up to three rows of data can be displayed for each item. For the built-in formatting, RSS 1.0 with the RDF syntax and version 0.91 and 2.0 are supported. The InsertRSSFeed class acts as the underlying engine for the Insert RSS Feed AS component.
Public class LoadBrowserCookie
Detects the browser type used by the client and loads a cookie named CS_BROWSER with this information. If the cookie is already set, it will not be refreshed. Possible values are: Opera, MSIE Mac, MSIE, Firefox, Konqueror, Galeon, Safari, Netscape, Googlebot, MSNBot, Lynx, Mozcomp, Unknown.
Public class Code example MailForm
Mails all fields that are posted except those specified in excluded fields property. The MailSent property can be used to see if the mail(s) have been sent.
Public class Code example RedirectOnHost
This class Redirects the user to a URL depending on hostname in request header.
Public class RSSFeeder
Writes an RSS Feed to the supplied stream or the default response stream. Before using this class you must ensure that CS_CreatedBy and CS_PublishDate EPT fields as well as the title field and are indexed. The RSSFeeder class acts as the underlying engine for the RSS 2.0 Feeder AS component.
Public class TellAFriend
Creates an HTML form that is used for tipping a friend about content on the current page, and then writes it to the supplied stream or the default response stream.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration InsertRSSFeedRSSFields
Defines the most important standard fields in RSS feeds.
Public enumeration MailFormSendMethod
Defines what field that the server should use when sending the mail.
Public enumeration RedirectOnHostEvaluationMethods
Defines how the host name in the request header should match the supplied critera.
Public enumeration RSSFeederRSSConformanceLevels
Defines a value that specifies at what specification level the RSS should be generated.