MLCDocumentItemGetSchema Method Content Studio 5.7 SDK
Content Studio Web Content Management System

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This method is reserved and should not be used. When implementing the IXmlSerializable interface, you should return null (Nothing in Visual Basic) from this method, and instead, if specifying a custom schema is required, apply the XmlSchemaProviderAttribute to the class.

Namespace: ContentStudio.Document.MLC
Assembly: CSServer5 (in CSServer5.dll) Version: 5.7.5016.0 (5.7.5016.0)

public XmlSchema GetSchema()

Return Value

Type: XmlSchema
An XmlSchema that describes the XML representation of the object that is produced by the WriteXml(XmlWriter) method and consumed by the ReadXml(XmlReader) method.


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