ContentStudio.Security Namespace Content Studio 5.7 SDK
Content Studio Web Content Management System

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This namespace implements classes the interacts with the build in security system in Content Studio. Caller can perform tasks as getting and setting permission to Content Studio objects, work with Content Studio security principals and perform search operation in Active Directory.

  Class Description
Public class Code example AccessControl
This class handles the access control tasks in Content Studio. There are methods to get and set security for objects and methods for making access checks.
Public class AccessControlUtils
This support class contains methods that assists when working with Content Studio security descriptors
Public class AuthenticationBase
This class is the base for all authentication methods in Content Studio
Public class ContentStudioIdentity
Represents a Content Studio user.
Public class ContentStudioPrincipal
Represents a Content Studio user.
Public class Code example GlobalTrusteeRights
Reads and sets the global rights for trustee accounts in Content Studio.
Public class Group
This class handles registered groups in Content Studio
Public class SecurityBase
This class is the base of the Content Studio security system
Public class SessionIdConverter
Converts a SessionId to an object of another data type. It also converts an object of another data type to a SessionId.
Public class SessionManager
Manages sessions in Content Studio. This class implements the built in Windows Authentication.
Public class Trustee
This is the base class for trustees in Content Studio. Trustees are group and user account that are registered in Content Studio. Systems that need to implement trustee system can inherit from this class.
Public class TrusteeSearcher
This class handles search operations for trustees in Content Studio.
Public class User
This class handles registered user accounts in Content Studio
Public class Code example UserProperties
This class handles static or dynamic properties for a certain user in Content Studio.
Public class WindowsAuthentication
This class is the base of the built in native Windows authentication method in Content Studio.
Public class WindowsTrustee
This class handles calls for getting trustee information from the underlying Windows system.
Public class WinNetworkBrowser
This class contains methods for interaction with the NT and Active directory account system.

  Structure Description
Protected structure SecurityBaseWinUserInfo
An object that is used to get information about a user.
Public structure SessionId
This class is used for a Content Studio User Session

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AccessControlSecurityInfoClass
Specifies the type of security information to save. This enumeration is used when updating security for a securable object in Content Studio.
Public enumeration AccountType
Defines the types of account in Content Studio
Public enumeration CSObjectPermissions
Specifies the permissions that can be given to a Content Studio securable object
Public enumeration CSSecurableObjects
Defines the securable object types in Content Studio
Public enumeration GlobalRights
Defines the global rights in Content Studio
Public enumeration TrusteeUserIdentifiers
Specifies the available identifiers of a Content Studio user
Public enumeration WinNetworkBrowserADObjectClasses
The Active directory object classes that ASSearch uses when searching for the object
Public enumeration WinNetworkBrowserCriteriaTypes
Defines what type of argument that is passed in to the AdSearch method.
Public enumeration WinNetworkBrowserDisplayLevels
Indicates what objects on the machine or in Active Directory to list
Public enumeration WinNetworkBrowserDomainNameTypes
Indicates the format of the entered domain name format.
Public enumeration WinNetworkBrowserNTAccountType
Specifies the types of accounts that exists in the Window security system