When inserted in a document, this control performs an the action against a single subscriber's subscription in Content Studio.

The following ActionValues are supported.


This control works in close conjunction with the SubscriptionLink control and is used when building interfaces that deals with subscribers in Content Studio. SubscriptionLink renders a link to a document where SubscriptionLink is placed. This link contains the key query string value. The mail sending module replaces the key value with the unique identifier of the receiver's subscription in Content Studio. The control the executes one of its actions when the document is loaded. This means that this control should only be used on special action document, not on regular document. The type of action the controls should perform is specified in the control's Action property.

When a successful action has been performed SubscriptionAction displays the text specified in the SuccessText property.
If an error occurs while the action is beeing performed SubscriptionAction displays the text specified in the ErrorText property.


This sample shows how to insert the SubscriptionAction control. In this case, when the document that hosts the control is loaded, all subscriptions, whose identifier are passed in in the key query string, will be activated.

<csx:SubscriptionAction RunAt="Server" 
                        SuccessText="You have successfully activated your subscription!"
                        ErrorText="Wrong data supplied" /> 

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