Renders a hyper link to a document that implements some subscription logic such as un-subscription or activation.


This control is used when building interfaces that deals with subscribers in Content Studio. Often this control is placed in a document that acts as a template for a mail message sent out to the subscriber. When you compose the regular news letter to send it is very convenient to include this component in the footer of the news letter. If the control links to a unsubscribe document the subscriber can unsubscribe by clicking the link which takes her to your implementation of the subscription logic. The destination document might contain a SubscriptionAction Control. The original link contains a key query string whose value is constant and specified in the read-only constant LinkIdentifier property. The subscription handler implementation, such as the CSMailSubscriptionHandler class replaces this value with the actual value of the receiving subscriber when the mail is sent out.


This sample the SubscriptionLink control when placed on Content Studio document. In this case it links to a document located at /Content/NewUtils/confirmSubscription.aspx

<csx:SubscriptionLink RunAt="Server"
                      LinkDocument="/Content/NewUtils/confirmSubscription.aspx" /> 

The link rendered might look like below when it arrives in an HTML mail at the client. The key query string represents the unique identifier of the subscriber whose subscriptions should be read, activated, deactivated or removed.

<a href="">Confirm your subscription here</a> 

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